• Resource conservation
  • Energy savings
  • Process improvements to minimize hazardous waste
  • Recycling and Reuse
  • Waste elimination
  • Making rings that meet Euro III and beyond.

Towards Excellence and Future Plan

  • Treated STP water to be used for toilet flushing / car washing.
  • Extend the collection of rain water from all the buildings for rain water harvesting.
  • TCE eliminated and work towards PCE free factory. (Use only Alkali degreasing agent) – Working towards dry cutting / grooving.
  • Kaizen / Study the extension of life of water used in process.
  • Explore the possibility of reducing the consumption process water. Eg., plating, nifflex, sprinkler in ammonia, coolant water in grinding machines.
  • Explore possibility of LED / Solar / newer technology lighting to reducing the power consumption.
  • List all activities which are contributed to reduce the Co2 emission within the company and outside the Company
  • Currently all the stacks being monitored and the observed values are much below the PCB norms. 10 % reduction from the current level is being planned during the year 2011- 2012
  • Train and develop suppliers towards green initiative.
  • Based on the latest CII Energy audit report initiatives have been identified for implementation to derive the benefits which in turn reduces the consumption of energy by the organisation.

IPR – Green factory